Our Brands

At Quin Global we manufacture a huge range of top quality adhesives for almost all tasks within the building and construction industry. We have a range of brands covering Joinery, Construction, HVAC, Flooring, Roofing and more. Find the right brand for your industry here.

As far as spray adhesives are concerned, no other range can compare to the strength, tenacity and reliability of TensorGrip®. Available in canisterised spray systems as well as 500ml aerosol tins, TensorGrip® innovative formulas breaks down barriers presented by traditional bonding methods with effortless ease.

The QDEK® range was conceived by an innovative chemist who saw the need for a faster and cleaner bonding method for the installation of flat roofing membrane and insulation boards. The traditional bucket-and-roller application of contact adhesive is very slow, messy and labourintensive. QDEK® was developed as a fast, high coverage, and clean alternative to traditional single ply membrane adhesives. All that is required to apply QDEK® successfully is the ability to use a spray gun and a basic understanding of coverage and coat weights.

Gekko Flooring Adhesives is a range of expertly engineered adhesives for bonding floor & wall coverings including carpets, carpet tiles, underlay, LVT, VCT and vinyl. The Gekko Flooring Adhesives range has the product solution for virtually every flooring requirement.

The simple easy adhesive solution for the flooring contactor. The Flexispray adhesive system has been developed with you in mind. The drive is on NON FLAMMABLE adhesive systems that you can use in areas where the public are, on building sites, in nursing homes, hospitals just to name a few… Flexispray… the range with a solution.

Meet the adhesive solution tailored for people who strives in a fast-paced lifestyle and for people who take pride in their work. Bullet Bond® Multi-Purpose Mist Spray – your versatile ally for all your adhesive needs, whether you're working with a variety of materials or delicate fabrics, this spray adhesive has got you covered with quick but quality bonding!