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Who We Are.

At Quin Global Asia Pacific we pride ourselves on finding solutions. Our team of experts strive to find the best adhesive solution for your needs and our top-class research and development team think outside the box to develop new ways to combat your adhesive problems.

We are Adhesive Innovators. Our extensive network of distributors throughout Asia Pacific, give you access to our top-class adhesive products. Our Research and Development Team give you access to professionally developed and tested, specific formulations for your unique requirements.

Secretly holding together a part of everyday life throughout Asia Pacific by saving our partners time, increasing their profitability and making their lives easier
Who we are

Our Story


Joining Forces

IPF Australia joined with Aplichem (USA) and Glenseal (UK) to become Quin Global


Canister Production

Quin Global Australia begins making their own canister adhesives in house.


Introduction of GEKKO

Quin Global Australia introduced the GEKKO brand of flooring products into the market.


Quin Expands

Quin Global Australia expanded into a new manufacturing facility to accommodate increased demand.

Bullet Bond was introduced as a DIY adhesive product for the retail market.


Flooring Revamp

Quin Global Australia amalgamated its multiple legacy flooring brands into a new industry within Tensor called TensorGrip Flooring.


A Year Of Change

Quin Global Australia began to focus on research, development and testing.

Major updates to the laboratory facilities were undertaken to enable the new focus on research & development.

Quin Global Australia shifted its focus into the Asia Pacific Region becoming Quin Global Asia Pacific.

Quin Global Asia Pacific hired their first staff member in Asia.



Quin Global Asia Pacific opens its first office in India, located in Mumbai.



Quin Global Asia Pacific launches the RAMSOL range of Sanitisers and Disinfectants to combat the threat of COVID-19

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We are best known for our adhesive knowledge and experience, but what we do behind the scenes is innovate, create and deliver peace of mind. There is a real sense of satisfaction in every step from concept to completion. This is a journey that not only our customers experience, but also our staff members.

Adhesives are what we know best, and we love doing what we do well. The experience of service excellence that customers feel is world-class, with transparency and honesty along every step of the journey.


From working closely with our Innovation team and introducing new products, to manufacturing thousands of canisters every week there is always enthusiasm for excellence in everything we do. Through unique, industry leading systems and processes we are able to manufacture a wide variety of the finest products for a multitude of applications.

Our state-of-the-art automated filling system is designed to deliver accuracy at every stage of the production process. In-depth data tracking and analysis allow all our raw materials and finished goods to be fully tracked to ensure a real-time flow of critical processing data.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

At Quin Global Asia Pacific we tailor our customer service to the needs of each customer. Our dedicated customer service staff are diligent in checking in with our customers to ensure their happiness with our products and if any training or assistance is needed, our Business Development Managers can provide training over the phone or in person.

By providing multiple support options for our customers we ensure we have the flexibility to work with companies of many sizes.